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The Power of Asking Questions...What Would I Truly Love?

Often we get stuck and are unsure of moving forward or which direction to take. Asking questions is a powerful way to receive clarity and guidance from our higher self or Spirit/God/Infinite Intelligence. It's the first tool I use, and I get results every time. One of my niches is how-to-word questions to get the answers I require to move forward.

The best question is, "What would I truly love?"

I love this question because you can use it for any situation or circumstance, and it's so simple and easy to remember. This question helps us determine what's in our highest good. It amazes me all the different ways the universe shows me the answers.

There's an art in how to ask questions to receive answers that are for our highest good. An important tip is never to ask your questions, starting with 'why.' Reword your questions so that they begin with 'what.'

First, we ask the question, and then we allow the universe to present the answer or a set of events that ultimately give us the answer. Don't try to figure out the solution using your logical mind. Our rational mind can only give us answers based on past experiences and will keep giving us the same results. Simply ask the question and then stop thinking about it. Let the universe present the answer or situations leading you to your solution. This process requires trusting in the universe, using your intuition (we all have it) and being aware of and following synchronicities that start to show up. Most of all, be patient. Answers can appear immediately, in a couple of days, or even weeks.

If you find your mind going back to trying to figure out the answer, then simply ask the question again, "What would I truly love?" Then let it go and put your attention somewhere else.

Practice this process, stay open and curious, and I guarantee you will receive your answers.

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