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My name is Wanda Gibbons



I am so happy you popped in!  Let me introduce myself...

I am very result-oriented and passionate about helping others discover and start living their best life possible, especially in their relationships. Let's face it, life is all about relationships. It begins with our relationship with ourselves and then affects our relationships with others, like our partners, kids, family, friends, co-workers, and, yes, even strangers.

I have a natural ability to listen and understand both sides of the story and then explain these different perspectives while assisting my clients in resolving their struggles. I help them discover the best outcome for everyone concerned so that they can start enjoying a loving, respectful, intimate, and fulfilling relationship instead of struggling for many years as I did.

I am a mom for my beautiful grown daughter and two fun, adorable fur babies. I love the life I have created and am now living, but it wasn't always this way. Like others, I had many challenges in every type of relationship. I had no idea what self-care was. There was difficulty balancing work and play, having time & money freedom, and let's not forget the feeling of being healthy in every sense of the word.

I have been married twice and learned so much about myself, others, and creating a fulfilling, loving relationship. I've even had a few Dark Night of the Soul moments that were extremely difficult but also taught me so much. It really allowed me to dive deep, discover, understand, and resolve the problems and triggers that created so much unhappiness.​

It has been quite the journey and learning experience over several decades. Still, I became a better version of myself by healing my triggers, changing my perceptions and mindset, recognizing and eliminating learned behaviours, removing repeating disempowering patterns that kept me cemented in the same circumstances, and learning how to communicate effectively. I learned how to love myself truly, and I have created excellent relationships with my loved ones by healing emotional core wounds that kept me stuck and feeling unfulfilled. 

I learned how to STOP sacrificing my desires and needs just so others could be happy

I learned how to stop sacrificing my desires, needs, and who I am at my core, just so other people could be happy. I had a deep inner knowing that life could be better, and no matter how hard life got, I never gave up and always looked for the gift in everything that happened. And let me tell you, there were some really challenging times when I didn't know if I would ever get out of what felt like being sucked into a black vortex. It required determination, positive thinking (which isn't always easy with the world we live in), not allowing my circumstances to determine my desired outcome, and learning from my past. I also had the resilience and courage to take whatever action steps I could, from where I was in that moment, with what I had. There is always some action step that we can take to move us toward our deepest desires and dreams. Still, it takes the proper knowledge of how to accomplish this. It requires lots of consistent daily practice and an excellent support team because we learned many disempowering subconscious beliefs and thoughts when we were young children. A lot of times, we don't even know they exist.

I have been able to succeed because I am committed to lifelong learning. I continue to expand my awareness and consciousness. I am constantly evolving into an even better version of myself, which allows me to help my clients do the same but at a much faster pace than what it initially took me.

I love assisting couples and individuals with transforming their relationships. Going from feeling fed up, frustrated, triggered, exhausted, and starving for the love and attention they deserve, to learning how to articulate their needs and desires to one another effectively. A relationship where they harness the art of true conscious listening and self-expression so that they can create deeper love, connection, support, and intimacy with one another. In turn, nourish fun, fulfilling, sexy, happy relationships in their lives.

We all have dreams and goals...don't let them remain just dreams...transform them into your reality

We all have dreams and goals, but they remain just dreams unless you know how to transform them into your reality. But that's where I come in! I have a lifetime of experience and education. I have studied with Bob Proctor with the Proctor Gallagher Institute, Mary Morrissey, and Mat Boggs with the Brave Thinking Institue, to name a few that had the most impact in my life in incredible ways with the fastest results.

Mat Boggs helped me understand men, how they think, and why they do what they do, which is extremely helpful when coaching couples. I know how to communicate in a way that works for everyone and so much more. Through the Dream Builder Program, being a Brave Thinking Master, and studying Bob Proctor's work, I have learned the Universal Laws and a proven reliable step-by-step strategy to finally create and live a life you absolutely love! Through my years of studying, I have learned that we indeed can have a life full of love, respect, peace, fun, prosperity, a career that we absolutely love that doesn't feel like work, and improve our health and well-being.

If your current results are...

  • That you are struggling in your relationships, career, time & money freedom, or health & well-being

  • You are tired of being triggered by your partner, family, or co-workers

  • You are feeling exhausted and unfulfilled in your relationship or in your life

  • You're starving for love and attention

  • You feel your partner doesn't understand or hear you

  • You are tired of just co-existing in the same house with your partner and the relationship feels empty

Then you are going to LOVE my

Self-learning Programs, Group & 1:1 Programs, and eBooks

Where you will learn how to

  • Effectively communicate your needs and desires in a way that your partner will stop and listen

  • Re-ignite that spark and keep it going

  • Enhance your listening skills

  • Learn the best way to validate your partner

  • Discover the best way to discuss and approach disagreements

  • Feel and express love and respect for each other even if you feel it's too late

  • Have a deeper and more intimate connection with your partner

It doesn't have to take you decades to have the life and relationships you have only dreamed of having. Don't keep struggling. Check out my services and free valuable information. You will be so happy you did. I am continually adding new programs and knowledge, so be sure to check back often to see what's new.

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Fun Facts


My Fur Babies

My handsome loving Papillon, Sage, and my adorable cuddly cat Chloe keep me laughing with their amazing personalities.  They remind me to pause and have FUN!

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Dancing & music make my Soul sing!

There's nothing like connecting and feeling the music and moving your body with the rhythm. 

You will often find me singing and dancing throughout my day while cleaning my home, driving in my car, or anytime I just want to get in the zone.

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Beach Time

I love beach vacations! The gentle kiss of the warm sun on my skin, walking on the powdery white sandy beach, palm trees swaying, and the sound of the beautiful turquoise ocean create an instant sense of inner peace for me. 

Forest Path

Walking in Nature

You will find me out in nature or by the water whenever I need to recharge, balance, and ground myself.  I love the sound of the birds singing in the stillness of an early morning.

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Reading, Journaling & Writing

I love reading books on self-development.  I know, it sounds kinda crazy but I enjoy learning anything that will assist me and my clients.  

You will usually find me journaling or writing on Sunday mornings, it's part of my self-care practice.

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Great Conversation

I love a cup of my favourite herbal tea with great soulful conversation.

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Inspiring others to live their life & love it


Work With Me

Relationship Coaching

Relationships don't have to be hard, but they do require effort from both people.  The good news is that if your partner isn't on board in the beginning, then you can still receive clarity and results simply by using the techniques and strategies that you will learn in my programs. Wouldn't you LOVE to reignite that spark and have a relationship that has a deeper connection and is more fulfilling?  One where you can communicate your needs and desires in a way that your partner listens, so you feel heard, respected, and loved!

Dream Builder Coaching

Would you like to improve your money & time freedom, your career, your health & well-being? Do you know that there's something more to life than what you currently have but you don't know how to achieve it?  Do you feel lost and need clarity on what's possible for you and your future?  Do your dreams seem to be fading or in the distant future?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then the Dream Builder Program is a reliable, proven step-by-step system that will show you how to turn your dreams and goals into your reality!


Empowerment Coaching

If you are struggling in any part of your life, including relationships, then the place to start is within yourself.  Often, we have hidden aspects of ourselves that we don't even realize, and it holds us back from the life we truly desire.  Let's uncover those hidden parts of you and shine a loving light on them, reigniting passion, self-love, and empowering you to be the best that you can be!  When we can truly love and respect ourselves just as we are and heal our core emotional wounds then our life completely changes for the better!


Some Kind Words


We highly recommend Wanda as an extremely talented relationship coach!  She is very gifted at seeing all sides of every issue.  We have utilized the skills learned in Wanda's course to express ourselves more freely with each other.  We were able to rebuild our relationship and our business.  The pandemic has brought challenging times to relationships and businesses.  Thank you Wanda for helping us successfully navigate both, and for showing us how to effectively and lovingly communicate with each other!

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