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Stop Being Afraid of What Can Go Wrong...Start Being Excited of What Can Go Right!

Through my studies with Mary Morrissey, Bob Proctor, Mat Boggs, Colette Baron-Reid, and Lee Harris, I learned how important it is to focus on what we desire and not what we don't want.

The planet is changing, people are awakening, and we are creating our reality much faster than ever before. As Dr. Joe Dispenza said, "where our focus goes, our energy flows," meaning if we focus on what can go wrong, then we will experience everything that will go wrong. But if we focus on what can go right, we will experience more good in our lives!

There is a very different energy to both. One comes from a lack mindset (the learned behaviour of human nature), and one comes from our Soul, a place of trusting and believing that we can experience a life we truly love in ways even better than we imagined! Our intuition/soul is that quiet small voice that we hear when we stop to breathe and listen. Our Soul always wants us to grow and evolve, but our human mind or ego, as some refer to it, wants to keep us safe and never change, and it's the voice that screams the ideas out to us the loudest. The e

go-mind is the thoughts of doubt, the "I can't do that," and our fear. Without change, doing something different, changing our old patterns, and stepping out of our comfort zone, then we will never experience the life we are meant to have.

Can there still be roadblocks along the way? Yes, but that is just the Universe guiding and tw

eaking the path to our desired outcome. It takes consistent daily practice to achieve our goals, and no human knows how long it will take. Still, I assure you it will happen when you can come from a place of believing, trusting, taking action steps, and surrendering what the "form" looks like and "how" it will show up. It truly is incredible to see how everything unfolds!


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