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When you encounter someone who is angry or said hurtful words to you

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

When someone is rude or has said hurtful words towards you, just know that they are angry with some aspect of their OWN life and then project it onto others. Quite often people are either unaware or choose not to look within and heal core emotional wounds which would create more harmony and happiness in their life.

When we fully LOVE and BELIEVE in ourselves then no words can hurt us. When we can be in that space of self-love, we can than have compassion for that person who is being mean, angry, and hurting inside.

Whenever we feel hurt or triggered by others, then it's a perfect opportunity to also look at what that is for us. You can ask questions like "What is this for me?" "What is the core of this hurt for me?" "Where is this coming from?" Remember when asking questions, stay away from "Why" and do NOT try to "figure" it out, simply allow the Universe to present you with the answers or situations that will give you what you seek. For several years I have received answers by asking open-ended questions and have found it to be extremely helpful. Just remember that the answer may not show up when or how you think or expect it will. You will get your answers or be led to your answers, you will receive more clarity, and it will create more EASE in your life!

I invite you to be gentle and kind with yourself and others.

What magic can we all create if we were to see everything from a different perspective, instead of blame, shame, anger, and guilt?


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