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Upcoming Workshops

  • Resolving Relationship Triggers
    Coming Soon!
    Online Workshop
    We have all had triggers in our relationships, whether it's with our partner, family, friends, or co-workers. Everyone knows about triggers but few people talk about how to resolve them. This workshop will help you uncover & resolve your relationship triggers so that you can finally be free!
  • Integrate Your Badass Goddess
    Coming Soon!
    Online Workshop
    It's time to love & embrace your beautiful badass self! Feel empowered, confident and be true to YOU!
  • Effective Communication Workshop
    Coming Soon!
    Online Workshop
    Learn how to effectively communicate your needs and desires so that your partner stops and listens!
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What is your Love Language?

Download my FREE Quiz to see what your Love Language is! Print two so your partner can do the quiz as well.

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