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Creating Genuine Love & Connection

Author: Wanda Gibbons

This ebook will assist couples in reigniting that spark in their relationship and keep it burning. It will also help singles start on the right foot in a new relationship, whether now or in the future.

Relationships don’t have to be hard work, but they do require effort from both people.


Every relationship has its bumps, but how we maneuver them is crucial in having more ease with the relationship, creating a more harmonious and deeper connection with each other. I have also seen where only one person starts implementing these tools and techniques, and it begins a transformation for not only you but also for your partner.

Topics covered in this book include:

Self-love & Healthy Boundaries

Everything starts with us first, which is the most crucial aspect of a relationship. We can’t expect other people to love and respect us more than we love and respect ourselves. We will always subconsciously attract what we are feeling about ourselves, and sometimes it’s buried so deep that we are not even aware it exists. Our results in our lives and relationships never lie. It’s time to dive even deeper into self-love, which will allow us to create healthy boundaries. Wait to see what you discover!

Patterns & Behaviours

Knowing how to recognize our learned disempowering patterns & behaviours from childhood and then replacing them with new, more empowering ones can really change the dynamics of both our relationships and our life.

Changing Our Perception

It can be life-changing! Our limited perceptions can keep us stuck for our entire life if we allow them to and we are not aware of them.  


We all have had triggers at some point in our relationship. Wouldn’t you love to know how to dissolve them?  EVERYTHING CHANGED when I learned how to do this in my relationships, and it was incredibly freeing!!!

Effective Communication & Listening

Not knowing how to communicate with your partner effectively and learning to listen without being defensive can cause resentment, frustration, anger and even destroy a relationship. There are many ways that we can learn to implement healthy ways to communicate that will create more ease for both people.


You will find valuable information and techniques that you can start incorporating into your relationship today!

Manifest Your Dream Life Now

Author: Wanda Gibbons

Ever wonder why manifesting seems to elude you?

Or sometimes you manifest things, and other times you struggle with it?

Well, it's not as simple as just thinking about what you want, and then it comes into form. There is a science to it. Part of which requires using our six mental faculties: imagination, intuition, will, perception, memory and reason. 

This ebook will explore a blend of physical, psychological and spiritual aspects to successful creation.

Coming Soon!
Your Dream Life Book Cover.png
Challenging Relationships E-Book Cover.png
Challenging Relationships - Now What?

Author: Wanda Gibbons

In this ebook, I will discuss the theory behind why opposites attract and how to manage a relationship when you and your partner have different likes, dislikes, and core values. These types of relationships can be challenging, but if you are aware of why we attract opposite partners and learn how to manoeuvre them, you can create a solid, peaceful, more loving connection with each other.

Coming Soon!
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