We will talk about a variety of topics that can be useful in any type of relationship.  Topics include True Love vs In-Love; the reason we keep attracting the same type of relationships and how to resolve old patterns; reasons a relationship becomes challenging; the difference between an empowered and disempowered relationship; gain more clarity on what your ideal relationship looks like.  We will also focus on effective communication strategies that work; the 5 Love Languages which is essential to transforming any type of relationship; including a Quiz to determine you and your loved ones Love Language so that you can better understand each other and communicate in a way that keeps both of your 'love tanks' full and ultimately creates a fulfilling and happy relationship.  We will then explore each love language and discuss how to implement them effectively. 


1. Are these workshops for couples and singles


Yes, these workshops can benefit everyone whether they are in a relationship or looking to be in one. In fact, the information that you will learn can help you choose a partner more aligned with you and your ideal relationship along with guiding you beyond the “honeymoon” stage.

2. Does my spouse/partner/loved one need to attend these workshops?


No, they do not have to attend, however, it does make it easier if both parties participate and learn these effective techniques

3. What if my partner refuses to attend a workshop?


You will still benefit immensely from these workshops even if your loved one does not want to attend.  Once you start implementing these important techniques your loved one will notice that something is different but in a good way.  Quite often your loved one will change their behavior just by you using these techniques.