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Relationship Clarity Coaching

8 Week Program

Is your relationship draining you?

Are you fed up, tired of arguing, feeling exhausted, and uninspired?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, unappreciated, and unloved?

Do you feel like your partner is not listening to you?

You know your partner loves you and yet you still don't feel loved?


If so, I'm here for you!  I will walk you through your fears and your struggles with compassion, understanding, kindness, love, and non-judgment while showing you how to come up with solutions. We'll look at new ways to view your relationships, grow through situations, dissolve triggers, and teach you ways to change your circumstances!

Your circumstances do NOT have to create your reality.

There is a hidden part of you that is stronger, more resilient, and just waiting for you to boldly step out on those skinny branches of life.  I will help you uncover the beautiful you so that you can feel more empowered and confident!

Isn’t it time you invested in yourself so that you can  live your life and love it  with a deeper connection in all of your relationships?

I have been where you are. I understand you and what it feels like to be in your pain.

You take care of your family, your home, even your car but what about YOU?

Let me show you practical, simple, and proven techniques that create effective communication, establish healthy boundaries so you can have a more peaceful, intimate, harmonious, and fulfilling relationship with your partner, others, and yourself.


You will learn how to have conscious, effective communication and interaction with your partner while looking at your current struggles within the relationship and yourself.  

We will explore the following areas and implement game-changing techniques:


  • IDENTIFY and UNRAVEL core beliefs and triggers that keep you stuck in the same or similar situations over and over again.

  • Break childhood and caretaker learned behaviors and repeating patterns.

  • We will create HEALTHY, EMPOWERING beliefs and boundaries that do not sacrifice your needs and desires so that everyone wins. No more compromising!

  • You will learn how to AMP UP your self-love so that you can be your best self-expression and feel inspired, vibrant, and ready to take on the world, and most importantly, be there for your loved ones in a much more effective and healthy way.

  • EXPAND your perspectives in a way that creates more ease and shifts your way of seeing situations or others by discovering & removing assumptions and projections.

  • EMPOWER you to choose for yourself versus choosing out of obligation.

  • Practice true forgiveness and a conscious enlightened mindset so that you can move beyond your current or past situations.

  • Learn how to have conscious, EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION and interaction with your partner.  I will show you how to implement these essential and key ways to TRANSFORM your relationship in a way that is better than you can imagine possible.  You will also learn the art of true conscious listening which is equally as important as great communication.

  • Learn the gift of validating the emotions.  Knowing HOW to validate is crucial to ANY relationship and it is especially a MAJOR game-changer in relationships where emotion dysregulation is present.  

What is your relationship costing you and your partner by repeating the same patterns and behaviors,

not knowing what to do differently?

It's time to take care of you AND your relationship, YOU DESERVE to be happy!

Are you ready to transform your relationship into one full of love, compassion, intimacy, fun, and respect?

In order to create CHANGE, we must do things DIFFERENTLY.



What your 8-week program includes:

  • Each week you will receive a Training Video and Workbook that will focus on a specific topic so that you can start getting CLARITY and RESULTS.

  • Each of the 8 weeks you will have one Live Group Q & A call on Zoom with me so that you can ask questions and receive LASER COACHING.

  • All Q & A calls are recorded so if you can't be there live, you can watch it at your own convenience.

  • If you can't make it to the Q & A can always pre-submit your questions.

  • Access to my Private Facebook Group where you can receive loving support, relationship tips, and more...

  • You will learn VALUABLE tools and techniques that you can continue to use for LIFE in ANY type of relationship 


 All coaching services and communication, email or otherwise, delivered by Wanda Gibbons, (your “Coach”),  as well as information set forth on this website (, are meant to help you identify the areas in your life and in your thinking that may be standing in your way. I am not a doctor or medical professional and these services should not be substituted for professional services such as counseling, therapy, medical doctor, or mental health professional. While the strategies, principles, and concepts in this site have helped others around the world in their relationships and as an individual, results may vary which are determined by you and your level of effort, awareness, skill, and the energy you put into your self-development and your relationships. 


If you're interested in Group Relationship Coaching or One-On-One Coaching and ready to live your life and love it or you are still looking for a bit of clarity on which direction to take, I offer a free one-hour consultation to help with that. Contact me today to set up yours!

Send me a message below and we can chat about how I can support you!

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